Recently I’ve started dabbling in the fine art of console modification, and I saw this post – it inspired me to create my own copy of Pokemon Yellow in SNES format! I had a really grubby Super Game Boy cartridge lying around that wasn’t being used, so quickly ordered a copy of Pokemon Yellow from eBay and got to work. I followed the instructions from the Imgur album here.

You’ll need the following:

  1. Gamebit screwdriver
  2. Electrical tape
  3. Wirecutters
  4. Small pliers
  5. Solder Sucker or Desoldering Pump (preferably a heated one like this)
  6. Super Game Boy cartridge
  7. Game Boy cartridge you want to convert
  8. Donor SNES cart shell to fit the completed bits into – PAL or NTSC should both work fine
  9. Stanley Knife/Box Cutter/Scalpel (anything sharp to cut away excess plastic shell in the donor cart)
  10. Any old wire to solder the two PCBs together – I used 10 strand/0.1mm copper equipment wire from Maplins.

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